Milano - Not just fashion and shopping

Milano - Not just fashion and shopping

Milan, it used to be the industrial capital of Italy during the 20th century and today it is known primarily as the financial centre and the city of fashion and design, but it also retains its immense artistic and architectural heritage.

Where east and west meet

Istanbul - where east and west meet

If the Earth was a country, Istanbul would be its capital. That's because all the civilisations of the world aspired to take Istanbul, and Istanbul took the most beautiful parts from each of them and made them its own.

24 hours in the Spanish capital

Madrid - 24 hours in the Spanish capital

If you're lucky enough to awaken in the Spanish capital on a Sunday, then let that be as early as possible, and ensure your plan for that day includes El Rastro, the widely-renowned flea market that has a special status in Madrid.

Mini-Heaven on Earth

Nice - Mini-Heaven on Earth

When you have a fusion of love for art, writing and creative expression, and you're also a graduate art historian like Aleksandar Lambros, Nice is the right choice for life.