Bari Italy

Bari – a miniature delight in the south of Italy

Through its laid-back atmosphere, Bari doesn't attempt to be flooded with tourists. Laundry hangs out on almost every balcony and you can often hear neighbours chatting from across their terraces – proof that Bari is primarily a city full of life, and secondly a tourist attraction.


what to visit in Valencia

What to visit in Valencia - find out why everyone is thrilled with this city

Every tourist in Valencia will find a part of the city where he feels best. We will reveal to you the best points of this Spanish tourist gem and the reasons why most tourists from Serbia want to remain here.

sights in Bologna, what to see in Bologna

What to see in Bologna, city of rich culture and a great nightlife

Over 100,000 students from all over the world study in this city every year. Can you imagine the nightlife?

Trieste Italy

Trieste, Italy - plan the perfect trip

Whether for sights or shopping, if you are planning a trip to Trieste, our guide will show you the most beautiful places in this wonderful Italian gem.