trip to Hanover

Hanover – one of Germany's lesser-known tourist gems

Social media is not flooded with pictures of Hanover's main sights, so they will not look familiar when you see them live for the first time. That's why a trip to Hanover is a real adventure with a guaranteed feeling of discovering something new.

what to visit in Salzburg

Salzburg – an Enchanting, Baroque, West European City

It’s hard to say what is more pleasing to the eye – the impressive medieval, Baroque architecture or the incredible Alpine scenery surrounding the city.

trip to Athens

Autumn Trip to Athens - Get to Know this Symbol of Ancient Civilisation, Art and Culture

With its history stretching back over 3 400 years, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, but also a modern, bustling metropolis that will keep you engaged for days.

what to see in Venice, Venice sights

Venice - Unforgettable Journey through the City of Bridges

Venice and her lagoon consist of 118 small islands separated by numerous canals and connected by hundreds of bridges. If you wish to feel the true spirit of Venice, treat yourself to a boat ride along its canals.