Belgrade - Rhythm of the city

Magical spots for the best photos in Belgrade

Hey Belgrade, smile, let's take a picture!

We live in the era of Instagram - a virtual album that's on display always and for everyone. That's why we decided to look into the most photogenic places in Belgrade, where the best photos are born.

Who better to reveal beautiful Belgrade frames than travel bloggers and instagrammers, people who have combined two passions – for photography and tourism?

What to see, where to dine, where to drink the best rakia brandy and beer, where is the most beautiful nature and where can we see history in its full splendour, where are the best parties, and where can we enjoy an easy stroll by the rivers, where are the most beautiful sunsets...? We've heard answers to all of these questions many times when it comes to Belgrade. Even the hidden places nestled away and interesting corners of the city are no longer a secret – thanks to the expansion of social networks, little is left unsaid about Belgrade.

However, it is difficult to capture the soul of this metropolis, with its huge heart and arms spread wide. It is difficult to recount the essence of Belgrade – the big and the small at the same time, always noisy, yet quiet when needed, often dressed in luxury with modesty protruding from beneath... It should be seen, experienced, discovered, and when the magic happens it should be preserved forever in perfect photography. For a moment in time...

So buckle up, we're taking off on a mini insta-tour of Belgrade, led by six popular Serbian travel influencers:


Lower Dorćol

Air Serbia - Belgrade - Rhythm of the city

Part of the old fortified town of Belgrade, it is today a place of great transformations, where old and new shift in a few steps, saloon apartments from the early 20th century and modern architecture, cobblestones and asphalt, plateaus, tree-lined streets and inner courtyards. This is part of the city that I love, because of the beautiful photo frames, but also because of the richness of textures, colours, shapes, sounds.

Andrić's Wreath

Andrić's Wreath or, as I still call it, “the circle around the National Assembly”, has always been a picturesque part of the city for me, primarily due to the landscaped park and floral areas and incredible architecture.

Theatre, Museum, Republic Square

If someone asked me to "pin" the centre of the capital on a map of Belgrade, I would probably do that here. It is a meeting point, the point from which tourists often start getting acquainted with the city often and, as of recently, following the reconstruction of the Museum and the Square, we finally have the opportunity to see our centre and "starting point" in its full form.

DŽOLI (@dzoligrafijaputomanija)

Kalemegdan and Zemun

Air Serbia - Belgrade - Rhythm of the city

When someone asks me for the most attractive locations to shoot photos in Belgrade I always direct them towards Zemun and Kalemegdan, the ancient Taurunum and Singidunum, and today's two souls of one city. I love them because they have a long history, photogenic sights and architecture, as well as vantage points offering the most beautiful views of the city.

SARA KOVAČEVIĆ ( @travel.architect)

Gardoš Tower, Zemun

Air Serbia - Belgrade - Rhythm of the city

The Millennium Tower in Zemun, better known as Gardoš Tower or the Tower of Janos Hunyadi, is a real attraction and I always gladly advise both tourists and acquaintances to visit it and take great photos there. Following this year's completion of the renovation of the plateau and ramparts of the medieval Gardoš fortress, which has the tower located at its centre, the Millennium Tower has been attracting an ever increasing number of visitors. Thanks to the view that extends to encompass the whole of Zemun and most of Belgrade, the favourite spot for most people to take photos is beside the front tower of the fortress, which provides the best view of the city. However, I can also reveal to you one "secret" - photos that are just as good can be shot from one of the rear towers.


Dessert restaurant Krem De La Krem, Dorćol

Air Serbia - Belgrade - Rhythm of the city

You can feel the spirit of London coffee houses at the heart of Dorćol, in a venue that's a paradise for all "pink-aholics". If, in addition to the colour pink, you also like flowers, plush, American pancakes and shakes, this will become your favourite place in Belgrade.

Hyde Park Restaurant, Senjak

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and drink tea in a house built in 1938, drop in to the restaurant Hyde Park, which is located next to the park of the same name. Add a slice of reform cake and you'll have the perfect afternoon. Along the way you can visit the Museum of Yugoslavia, and acquire some new knowledge as well as good photos.


Over there on the other side of the river, in Zemun

Air Serbia - Belgrade - Rhythm of the city

If you're in Belgrade during autumn and early winter, you're in luck. At this time of year it shines with some special colourfulness and charm. I would single out the Zemun quay, on the other side of the river, a visit to which is unavoidable, especially when this city exudes a festive atmosphere. Together with the Gardoš settlement, it forms a complete area representing one of the most beautiful promenades in Belgrade that you can tour in a single day. Narrow cobblestone streets, beautiful cafes and the Gardoš Tower itself are there to provide you with beautiful photos for memories of this beautiful part of the city that was created under the influence of Austro-Hungarian architecture.

Confluence of the Sava and Danube

In order to "spice up" your photo tour a little, after enjoying a hot cup of coffee or mulled wine in one of Gardoš's cafeterias, take a walk from there along the Zemun Quay, all the way to the Friendship Park at the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube, and enjoy taking photos next to the monument to the Eternal Flame, which is 30 metres tall. While you walk along the quayside, your day will certainly be brightened by the swans that are permanent residents of Zemun.

Vanja Ranković ( @vana­_rankovich)

The only pair of lighthouses along the Danube's entire route

Air Serbia - Belgrade - Rhythm of the city

I recently discovered an unusual place near Belgrade, at the confluence of the rivers Tamiš and Danube, where not only are beautiful photos taken, but the entire place exudes love and tranquility, while also hiding the still untold story of old lovers, guardians of the banks of the Danube. Lighthouses usually stand alone. So lonely in their perseverance, for many they represent symbols of hope and signpost in the darkness. It was back in 1909 that fate wanted to tell a slightly different story near Belgrade, at the confluence of the rivers Tamiš and Danube, where two lighthouses were erected. Testifying to the rarity of this practise is the fact that they are the only pair of lighthouses along the entire course of the Danube, and anywhere in Europe according to some sources. This old couple today guards the banks of the Danube and whispers through the centuries stories that we missed before we were even in this world.

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Source: Elevate Magazin

Author: Stefana Pavlović

Text and Photographs: @a_charliesangel, @dzoligrafijaputomanija, @travel.architect, @vana_rankovich, @jovana_kvrzic, @momaokosveta