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Get to know Paris

We can never talk enough about this romantic city, which is alive all year round. As a combination of traditional and modern, it will take you on a journey through many historical periods.

Known for its large number of charming streets, beautiful parks and famous palaces, this city whose beauty is woven from its long history and beautiful architecture, is a symbol of elegance, rich cultural history and phenomenal food.

Paris is one of the best destinations for the perfect vacation. Every year about 50 million tourists visit, or more than one visitor per second, which makes it one of the most visited destinations in the world.

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Paris – City of light, love, art and culture

Paris, travel to Paris

There are over 130 museums in Paris, from the most famous such as the Louvre, Orsey and Pompidou, all the way to the museum of perfume and cigarettes. You will find it easier if you make a list of museums to visit. If your museums are on the priority list, remember that every first Saturday from October to March there is free entry to all museums, and even if you do not travel in that period, you can still use their online ticket sales. On the website of each museum there is a special section, where you can find information about all amenities. You can buy tickets in advance, which can be delivered to your home or hotel address, avoiding crowds and delays.

It is difficult to list them all, but we can present you a few of the major sights of Paris, sights that will leave you breathless.

The Eiffel Tower, built in 1889 on the Field of Mars, originally as an exhibit for the world exhibition, is over 300 metres tall and offers a fantastic view of the whole city. At the time it was built, it was the highest building in the world. It consists of three levels, you can climb the stairs to the second, while to the top you can take the lift, which is accessible from all levels including the ground. The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of Paris and is a stop not to be missed for travellers from all around the world.

Paris, travel to Paris

Built in the Gothic style on the river Seine, as the seat of the Archbishop of Paris, Notre Dame is a cathedral that combines a range of architectural styles. Dedicated to Mary Mother of God, it has inspired many artists, including Victor Hugo, one of whose works was named The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Its endurance through the centuries continues to fascinate visitors.

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Paris, travel to Paris

The Arc de Triomphe is almost 50 metres high, designed by Jean Schalgren in 1806 who was inspired by Titus' triumphal arch in Rome. It lies on the Place Charles de Gaulle, historically known as the Place de l'Étoile, and symbolizes all those who died for France, especially in the Napoleonic wars. Hundreds of names of the fallen are engraved here, and below lies the grave of the Unknown Hero from the First World War.

The Museum of the Louvre was officially opened in 1793, during the French Revolution. This museum is located in the centre of Paris and contains one of the most famous art collections in the world. It has about 380,000 cases that stretch from prehistory to the 19th century, and visitors can see about 35,000 works of art.

Shopoholics, enjoy yourselves

Markets are the perfect way to get to know not only local cuisine and groceries, but also the cuisine of a generation of immigrants living in Paris, most famous for authentic Middle Eastern, Asian and African cuisine. Markets appear overnight on squares near Metro stations - mostly on Thursday, Fridays and weekends. You can enjoy a large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and meat, but also freshly baked bread, treats and various pastries. Prices on the markets are lower, also for ready meals and snacks. One of the most popular dishes you can buy on the street is a roast chicken. On the markets and street shops, chickens are roasted and sold at incredible speed. A medium-size roast chicken can be bought for around 5 euros. Markets, food festivals and floating markets are common, and a great opportunity to enjoy a large range of tastes in one place, at affordable prices.

Each market is full of all kinds of goods from all periods and countries. You can search for cheap antiques or restored luxury goods like furniture, pictures, items from bronze, art or tapestries, mirrors, lamps, dishes. You will also find old plates, carvings, toys, posters, books, photos and other unusual items. You can buy clothes and shoes, either in antique style or the most modern fashion accessories.

The Saint-Ouen flea market is considered the largest centre for the sale of antiques and used goods in the world. Every year over five million people visit it, including many foreigners and celebrities. This popular French sight can be found in Northern Paris, in the 18th Arrondissement and is open on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

Don't miss the Paris specialities

Paris, travel to Paris

In addition to the famous, unforgettable croissants, eskargots (dishes with snails), macaroons, steak tartare and other national symbols of this city, be bold and try some new French specialties.

In the bistrot Chez L'Ami Jean, you can find beautiful, traditional French food, modernized so subtly that most people will not even notice. The menu is parmesan soup with cabbage and palamida, baked pigeon with thyme and garlic, roast lamb with smoked oregano and lightweight rice pudding.

Founded in the 1980s, Bistrot Flaubert is currently one of the most innovative restaurants in Paris. A chef from Korea has made this restaurant one of the most interesting in western Paris, thanks to his Asian cooking in a French bistrot. Expect dishes such as Korean beef tartare with avocado and rice mousse, and lumache (snail-shaped pasta) with a sauce of rabbit, red curry and kimchi.

Dinner in the restaurant Epicure is elegant and surprising, in a dining room decorated with grandiose crystal chandeliers, fireplaces and heavy curtains by the French windows that look onto the courtyard. Start with macaroni stuffed with black truffles, or perhaps grilled leeks with butter, with seaweed and oyster tartare. Then throw in a lobster baked in its shell with grilled chestnuts and celery with truffle juice, or try veal dumplings with cocoa and tobacco leaves.

Explore further...

The Serbian cultural centre in Paris occupies a fantastic spot – right opposite the Centre Pompidou. In the centre, guest appearances by artists from Serbia are organized every month – from concerts, performances, forums to exhibitions, and the entrance is free. In addition to Serbia's there are about 60 foreign cultural centres, in which a rich programme is carried out, a great opportunity to get acquainted with the art and culture of countries around the world in a single city.

Like everywhere, there is a difference between the eastern and western parts of the city. Eastern Paris is full of small, vivid bistros and restaurants where prices are lower than the central and western part of the city. In Belleville Street, there are a large number of Asian shops and restaurants, and this area is also known as the Chinese Quarter. Most of the locals create special daily offerings that are more accessible than the classical à la carte menu. The atmosphere in this part of the city is relaxed and multicultural, with a lot of bookstores, galleries and street art. The residents are artists, hipsters, students and members of the working class. Some believe this is the largest Chinese quarter in Europe.

Disneyland is a great place to visit for a day of fun. It is located not far from the city centre – you are only a 35-minute drive away. This area of Paris contains Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studio. You can enjoy go-carting, a fairy tale castle, a cruise ship, aircraft and many other activities.

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Author: Ana Jakovljević, Air Serbia