Trieste Italy

Trieste, Italy - plan the perfect trip

Traveling to Trieste is always a good decision, because every season is ideal for a visit. Whether for sights or shopping, if you are planning a trip to Trieste, our guide will show you the most beautiful places in this wonderful Italian gem.

About Trieste - population, distance from Belgrade, weather

Trieste Italy

A Mediterranean town in north-eastern Italy with a little over 200,000 inhabitants. In addition to the natives, the population consists of citizens of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

Trieste is about 620 km from Belgrade by land via Zagreb in Croatia and Ljubljana in Slovenia, and for this trip you will need some 6-7 hours by car. If you want to fly to Trieste, the trip will be much shorter and more comfortable. The flight lasts about two hours - see more information about tickets and flights to Trieste.

This city is situated where the continental and Mediterranean climates collide, which leads to mild summers with moderate and pleasant temperatures, while the winters are somewhat harsher.

According to tradition, Trieste was named after the reeds that abound in this area. Historically, this city was first part of the Roman and later the Byzantine Empire. During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it was the fourth largest city, after Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

Due to its position, Trieste counted in previous times as one of the most important seaports on the northern Mediterranean coast. Its position has contributed to its being one of the most visited cities for shopping.

There are many day trips and excursions on offer, but most of them are based on a tour of shopping centres, with a modest tour of the sights of Trieste. If you want to use your trip to get to know the city better, we will provide you below with all the important information and places for your tour.

Sights of Trieste - Miramara castle, Serbian Orthodox Church, squares and beaches

Trieste is not a large city, so you can visit most of it on foot, which we recommend. You can use the city public transport, and a special attraction is Europe's oldest tram ride, which is still active. As a starting point, we recommend the station in Opicina, from there you can take the tram all the way to the city centre.

Trieste Italy

Since the city is on the sea, tourists usually go down to the coast first, and only later visit the city. One of the most beautiful places, always full of people and thought by many to be one of the most beautiful in Italy, is the Riva del Mandracchio seaside promenade. Be sure to pass the stone pier Molo Audace, which runs far out to sea and from which there is a beautiful view of the city. From there you can see the castle Miramare in the distance. This is one of the best places for a photo to "bring down Instagram".

The most famous point considered the centre of Trieste is without doubt the Union Square (ital. Piazza Unità D’Italia). This is the largest square surrounded by imposing buildings, the most beautiful of which is the city hall. In the central part there is a fountain which is a symbol of connection with the rest of the world. We are sure that you can take some good selfies or panoramas in this square.

In the immediate vicinity is another beautiful square Piazza della Borsa which was once the economic centre of the city. The former stock exchange building is outstanding, in an antique style with four columns as a symbol of trade with the four continents then known.

The next famous square is Piazza del Ponte rosso, which used to be the main stop for tourists from the Balkans because there was a clothes market here. It lies along the canal Grande di Trieste, a canal by which the interior of the city can be reached by water from the sea. Near the square and the canal, you can visit the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Spyridon, and the monument to James Joyce, and you can enjoy the view from the bridges.

As you are already at the Piazza della Borsa, we advise you to visit the Roman Theatre (ital. Teatro Romano di Trieste), a building from 2,000 years ago that is still well preserved, so even now concerts are often organized here.

On a hill above the city in a fantastic spot is the Castle of Saint Giusto. Many come here just because of the beautiful view from the top of the tower over the port and the city.

Trieste Italy

If you have time, be sure to visit the Castello di Miramare, which stands on a cliff outside the city. Around the castle there is a 22-hectare park, where you can see plants from all around the world. You can reach the castle by car or bus number 6. Entrance to the garden is free, while there is an entrance fee at the castle.

Half-way between the castle and the city centre is one of the tallest lighthouses, 68 metres high. Besides illuminating the Gulf of Trieste, the lighthouse is a memory of fallen soldiers in the First World War. From the top of the lighthouse there is a magnificent view, so if you are in good shape and can overcome the 285 steps, do not miss the opportunity to capture another good photo for an unforgettable memory.

Since the city is on the coast, Trieste also has beaches for swimming. Most beaches are private, equipped with deck chairs for rent.

Restaurants and specialties in Trieste

Trieste Italy

There are many restaurants, cafes and bars in Trieste and they are always full. For a shorter or longer break, we recommend Viale XX Settembre, one of the most important pedestrian zones full of cafes and restaurants.

Italians drink cappuccino until noon and espresso after, so anyone who orders in a different order is obviously a tourist. Learn how Italians call their coffees before you order - nero is espresso, macchiato is capo, a cappuccino od caffelatte. Trieste is considered to have the best coffee and coffee drinking culture in Italy. Many types of coffee came to Europe for the first time through Trieste, because of the past tax-free goods regimen in the port of Trieste. Some of the most famous cafeterias are Caffe San Marco and Caffe Tomaseo.

Do not miss the opportunity to try the local wine, because this region produces some of the best Italian wines, such as Refosco, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Terrano.

Like the French, Italians love a sweet breakfast, so you’ll enjoy sweet cream-filled croissants. And when it comes to lunch and dinner we advise you to try Italian specialties such as pizza, pasta, and you should not miss the fish specialties. One of the best pasta places is the restaurant Tiro de Bora.

For desserts, the dominant influence is from Vienna: strudels, Sacher-torte and donuts, which can be bought everywhere. But the most famous typical Trieste desserts are pinza, presnitz (Easter cakes) and andputizza (Christmas cake). They are prepared with hazelnuts, raisins, pine nuts and dried oranges.

The price of a meal in restaurants with drinks is around 20-30 euros per person, while the local beer is around 4-5 euros. If you want to have lunch for less money, you can visit the cafe-trattoria Happy Bar, where the price of a meal ranges from 3 to 8 euros.

And of course, a trip to Italy is complete only when you try homemade gelato, and you can find it at almost every step.

Shopping in Trieste

Trieste is widely known for good shopping, with high quality brands at low prices. There used to be popular markets, but today they have been replaced by large shopping malls.

We recommend that you visit Trieste in the season of big discounts. There are two discount periods in the year, the winter period from the end of December to March and the summer sale from July to September.