New York in the time of corona

New York in the time of corona

If you ever wondered why New York is one of the most visited cities in the world, and why so many movies were made exactly in this city, you can rest assured that it's not about its impressive architecture nor the fact that it is the business centre of the world’s greatest power. You will come to know the true reasons once you experience the city since they only remain hidden to those who are too sluggish to get to know it on their own feet by wandering the streets.

The year 2020 was marked by the pandemic, which made our lives completely different. Under the attack were our habits, our plans, and most of all our health. But nothing can stop our will to live nor our dreams, and for many people, one such dream is to visit New York. This is one of few cities which remained open to Serbian tourists during the current crisis and believe me, it is more accessible than ever.

New York

You arrive at the well-known JFK Airport via a direct Air Serbia flight in the afternoon local time, and you don’t have to wait longer than ten minutes at the passport control due to the reduced number of flights, which is truly a mission impossible in normal circumstances. Similarly, you won’t find the usual crowds on the New York subway lines either. A sharp decline in the number of tourists and business activities closed a large number of hotels in New York, but many of them are still open, offering their services at much lower prices than expected for this season. Nevertheless, staying in hotels is organised taking the current situation into consideration, with the prevention being among top priorities in all facilities. For this reason, you can forget about the ordinary hotel breakfast or daily room cleaning, and enjoy the things you came for in the first place.

They say that New York is just as beautiful any time of the year, but late spring and early autumn give the city its special charm. The weather is just perfect for spending time outdoors, and taking long walks will make your tour of the city immensely interesting. Of course, the life of this big city is made up of events taking place in many of its “outer” boroughs, which are certainly worth seeing, but the beating heart of the city is the island of Manhattan, located between the Hudson River and the East River. Though smallest, it is the most densely populated borough, with the largest number of tourist attractions, cultural amenities, bars and restaurants as well as social events.

New York

This city has such a huge number of attractions that it would take you weeks to see everything. For this reason, it is best to plan your tours to your liking, taking into account the number of days you will spend there. Don’t miss taking a walk through the famous Central Park, the greenest and the prettiest part of Manhattan. You should also know that New Yorkers care deeply for their rivers which are adorned with numerous promenades, restaurants and cafes, parks, sports fields and other facilities. Many piers along the coast hold a great many secrets and offer wonderful vistas for taking photos, while at the far end of the island there is the beautiful Battery Park from where you can go on a popular cruise and sail by the famous Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Also not to be missed is an unforgettable walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to the Dumbo District, one of the most popular locations outside of Manhattan.

The wonderful Bryant Park is a story of its own, probably the most charming park in New York, located next to the famous New York Public Library. If you want to feel like a true New Yorker even for a moment, buy yourself a morning coffee on one of the stands, fantastic pastry in the Ole & Steen bakery, and grab a seat in this unique urban oasis.

If you are a fan of the New York’s impressive architecture, with its widely known skyscrapers and numerous illuminated signs, one of the New York’s landmarks, take a walk along the famous Midtown avenues where the Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building are located, offering surreal scenes, as well as the far-famed Broadway and the Times Square. To the far south is the unique and truly impressive Financial District, the seat of many companies, One World Trade Center and the famous Wall Street.

Don't forget to visit the two really impressive New York’s museums which hide remarkable artefacts invaluable for humanity as a whole, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoMA) and the Natural Museum (American Museum of Natural History). And if you have no time left, this would be another good reason for you to come back to this city.

New York

For those who wish to get to know Manhattan from a slightly different perspective than that of a tourist, the New Yorkers' way of living, modern and cultural trends, street and club music, nightlife, a walk through the boroughs of Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho or Tribeca would be the right choice. You will recognize countless places where popular TV series were filmed, you will encounter splendid examples of street art and boutiques selling original pieces made by New York fashion designers. In a blink of an eye, young people will crowd numerous, charming cafes and restaurants where the scents of diverse world cuisines and sounds of the famous New York music scene permeate the air around you. Finding a place for dinner without a prior reservation is a major challenge here, but don't give up, it is well worth the effort.

And rest assured New York will always be New York, even in the time of Corona.

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Author: Danijela Milovanović, Air SERBIA Ecommerce and Digital Marketing