travel to Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam guide

A Guide to Amsterdam – what to visit and where to go?

Amsterdam is one of the most frequented tourist destinations of the old continent, with over 4 million tourists passing through it each year. The capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is at once its largest city, home to approximately 800,000. Amsterdam’s allure lies in its unique atmosphere, exciting history and the dynamic lifestyle on offer. The city is often referred to as the Venice of the North. Perhaps it is best known however as the world capital of freedom. The sheer number of interesting and exciting things on offer make it a very special weekend destination. It is simply impossible to experience everything in two or three days. Tourists who have once stepped foot in the city are bound to return in order to discover another of its many faces.

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Amsterdam - the Dutch capital of culture, art, freedom and flowers

Amsterdam is a very special tourist destination. Its popularity as a holiday destination is owed to its unique charm and the fact that it has something to offer tourists of all ages. Amsterdam’s first enchanting impressions are of narrow, 17th century houses, whose colourful facades are arrayed along an endless network of canals that stretches throughout the city. The city centre dates to the 18th century. However, little of its original form can be seen. Initially made of wood, this incarnation of the city did not withstand the turbulence of the following centuries. In its golden era, Amsterdam was a world centre of shipping and finance, and owed its great wealth to lucrative diamond trade.

travel to Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam guide

Today, the city is one of the world's most frequented capitals of culture and art. On the one hand, it preserves the heritage of post-Impressionism, while on the other nurturing a fertile ground for modern artists. In addition, Amsterdam is a centre of gastronomy and a gathering place for hedonists from all over the world.

The capital of the Netherlands is also home to the largest flower exhibition in the world. The Dutch have a great fondness for these natural ornaments, especially tulips, whose cultivation is part of a centuries-long tradition. Tulip exports make up a large part of today's economy of the Netherlands.

Touring the city from a different perspective

You can experience Amsterdam in three ways - by walking, cycling or cruising the canals. The latter two are particularly popular among tourists, due to their being fun and somewhat out of the ordinary. The canals are the site of Amsterdam’s most important events. Most of the city’s attractions are located along their banks. The story of their origin is interesting on its own merit. Amsterdam’s canals are in fact more numerous than those in Venice. Their lengths totals about 100 kilometres, and they were created in order to protect the capital of the Netherlands from the sea. Amsterdam is situated below sea level, so the canal system protects it from floods. Tourists who decide to cruise can do so by taking part in organized tours, or simply by hopping on any boat that runs regularly. Tourist boats provide guided tours that bring the city’s history to life, while themed tours can take visitors on a pizza trip, a children's cruise or a champagne trip. The Singel canal circumscribes the city centre, creating a horseshoe-shaped border which separates the narrowest part of the historic centre from the rest of the city.

travel to Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam guide

The bicycle is the main means of transport in the Dutch capital. Bicycle traffic is dense, and takes place on well-organized paths. As a rule, cyclists always have the right of way in traffic. That is why most tourists decide to get to know Amsterdam through a pleasant ride, especially during the spring and summer months. Rent a bike at one of the city’s many rental points, buy a day ticket and embark on an adventure. As an alternative you can take part in one of the many themed cycling tours.

Art & Culture in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to a very rich and diverse cultural scene, with prestigious cultural event being held all year round. Some of the world’s most famous and frequented museums are located here.

At the Rijksmuseum, visitors can learn about the history and development of art in the Netherlands. The museum houses a permanent exhibition of the works of Vermeer and Rembrandt, as well as thematic units related to the history of Europe and Asia.

travel to Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam guide

The Van Gogh Museum is the most famous and probably the best museum in Amsterdam. It contains his renowned "Sunflowers", as well as a collection of artist’s personal belongings and letters. The concept of the museum follows the private and artistic life of Van Gogh and is located on the Museumplein, a square that sits at the heart of the city’s art scene.

The Anne Frank Museum is the third unavoidable destination on the way to learning about the history of Amsterdam. It is located in the house in whose attic Anne Frank and her family hid from the Germans, and in which the most famous diary in the world was created. It is one of two museums in Amsterdam that testify to the suffering of Jews during the Second World War. It is situated in Amsterdam’s most famous district, the Jordan District. In this part of the city, tourists can see interesting galleries, unusual shops and fairytale architecture at every step, but also enjoy some of the conceptual restaurants and cafes.

Other interesting destinations include Madame Tussauds and the Heineken experience. Madame Tussauds is the most famous museum of wax figures in the world, where tourists go to take pictures with their favourite celebrities and historical icons. The Heineken experience, on the other hand, is a concept that includes a visit to the original Heineken brewery, an introduction to the process beer-brewing, ending with a tasting in one of the bars in the characteristic industrial style.

An interesting place to spend an afternoon are the city’s windmills. The most famous is De Gooyer which is located in the eastern part of the city. Preserved in its original condition, this windmill houses the Netherland’s most famous small brewery, where you can try privately produced domestic beers.

Entertainment and Culinary Culture

The Netherlands is one of the largest producers and exporters of cheese in the world. The centre of Amsterdam is full of cheese and dairy shops, where you can try a variety of flavors. The country’s best-known cheese is gouda. Other than that, there are a plethora of cheeses with added ingredients, as well as red, green and blue cheese. In addition to cheeses, you will find many street stalls with food in the city centre. These offer various specialties, including herring, a very salty and unique fish which is a trademark of Amsterdam's culinary culture. French fries with accompanying sauces and accoutrements are probably the most consumed food in Amsterdam, both on the street and in restaurants. In addition to specific dishes, the culinary scene encompasses a mixture of world cuisines. Tourists can enjoy Italian, Chinese and Mexican dishes in almost every restaurant.

travel to Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam guide

Amsterdam nightlife is extremely diverse. Its centre is undoubtedly Leidseplein Square. Here you can see performances by street artists, try homemade beer or spend the night in one of the bars. Melkweg is the most popular nightclub in Amsterdam, where some of the world's biggest stars perform. It is located in the building of the former dairy, which is why it was named "Milky Way". Paradiso is a gathering place for the locals. In addition to being a nightclub, it is a space in which artistic performances, poetry evenings and screenings of alternative films are held.