What to visit in Zagreb, Advent in Zagreb

What to visit in Zagreb - Advent, sights, restaurants and museums

If you are planning a trip to Zagreb, a day trip or a long weekend, we have compiled an extensive guide through Zagreb, so that you can find all the information you need in one place.

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Public transport and taxi

As in other big cities, Zagreb has well-organized public transport, mainly trams and buses. There are a total of over 160 day and 8 night routes.

You can buy tickets at several locations in the city or from the driver in the vehicle itself.

The currency in Croatia is the kuna (kn), one euro is 7.5 kuna. The price of a ticket lasting 30 minutes is 4kn, 60 minutes is 7kn, and 90 minutes is 10kn. With the driver, it is possible to buy only a ticket for 90 minutes at a price of 15kn. An individual ticket for night transport is 15kn, while the price of an all-day ticket is 30kn. Additional information can be found on the website of the company ZET (Zagreb Electric Tram).

Taxi services are also available. There are a number of taxi associations, the starting price for most is 6kn, and each additional kilometre is also 6kn.

City quarters you must visit in Zagreb

The most popular tourist spots are: Upper Town, Maksimir, Zelena (Lenuzijeva) potkova (Green Lenuzzi Horseshoe), Trg Republike Hrvatske (The Square of the Republic of Croatia, Trg Bana Jelačića (Bana Jelačića Square), Medvednica nature park, streets like Ilica and Tkalčićeva.

For many tourists, the most beautiful, and at the same time the oldest city district is the Upper Town. You can reach this part of Zagreb on foot, but certainly the most popular form of transport to the top is the cable car, which takes about 6 minutes and costs 6kn. In the Upper Town there are sights with a long and turbulent history, to name just a few: St. Mark‘s Chruch, St. Catherine‘s Church, Church of Cyril and Methodius, City Assembly, Banski dvori (Croatian Government), Stone Gate, Lotrščak Tower with the most beautiful panoramic view, etc.

What to visit in Zagreb, Advent in Zagreb

Other state and public buildings are located on the Square of the Republic of Croatia, such as the Croatian National Theatre, the University of Zagreb, the Mimara Museum, the Museum of Art, and many others.

The Ban Jelačić Square is the starting point for almost all tourists and the spot considered to be the city centre of Zagreb. This is a place of daily walks for tourists, but also for the locals, a meeting place for various events, and there is also the famous Manduševac fountain.

The two most famous streets in Zagreb are Ilica and Tkalčićeva. Ilica is one of the longest streets, stretching from the Ban Jelačić Square all the way to Vrapče in the western part of the city. It has many stores of renowned brands, cafes and restaurants. Near Ilica, there is also Tkalčićeva Street, which stretches from the Ban Jelačić Square to the north of the city. This is one of the most popular streets and people say that it has a soul.

Green Zagreb

While we are still in the city centre, let's mention the Green (Lenuzzi's) horseshoe. Did you know that Zagreb is almost 70% covered with greenery and that it is one of the cities with the most parks? In one part of Zagreb, there are as many as eight parks - squares: Zrinski Square, Strossmayer Square, King Tomislav Square, Ante Starčević Square, Botanical Garden, Marulić Square, Mažuranić Square and Marshal Tito Square.

For nature lovers Maksimir is a must-see park. This is the largest park and sports and recreation centre, and it is only a 10-minute drive from the city centre. The largest part of this site is the park, next to the zoo, the football stadium of the Dinamo club and 5 lakes.

North of Zagreb stretches the mountain Medvednica, whose highest peak is Sljeme. On this mountain there is a nature park and a ski centre with cable cars where the world ski championships for women have been held. When the weather allows, a large number of tourist guides and agencies organize trips to Medvendica.

What to visit in Zagreb, Advent in Zagreb

In addition to numerous parks, Zagreb also has several lakes.

Lake Jarun is located in the south-western part of the city. A 6 km long asphalt road stretches around the lake, and tourists and locals visit it mainly for recreation (swimming, running, rowing, cycling and rollerblading, etc.).

Lake Bundek is located in Novi Zagreb, stretching between the bridges Sloboda (Freedom) and Mladost (Youth) on the Sava river. It is one of the most popular places during hot summer days. There are several other lakes nearby: Lake Ontario, Lake Rakitje, 5 lakes in Maksimir (First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Lakes), etc.

Museums in Zagreb

Zagreb is known for a large number of museums, both classic and alternative, which offer unusual exhibitions.

What to visit in Zagreb, Advent in Zagreb

We will mention a few: the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art (known for its 90m long LED screen) or the Mimara Museum (a collection of works of art by collector Ante Topić Mimara). Tourists are also interested in the City Museum, the Modern Gallery and the Ethnographic Museum.

Zagreb is also known for the Museum of Broken Relationships - an exhibition of objects reminiscent of a former relationship, which are donated by people after parting with a loved one. When visiting Zagreb, do not miss the Hangover Museum, the Museum of Illusions or the Chocolate Museum.

Night clubs and restaurants in Zagreb

During a walk and while touring all the sights of Zagreb, you will have to take a lunch break. Like every major city in the Balkans, Zagreb is known for its excellent food and beverages.

Zagreb specialties are a mixture of flavours and cuisines from the surrounding regions. From Zagorje comes štrukla (type of pie) and turkey with „mlinci“ (a type of flatbread), Viennese steak stuffed with cheese and ham became Zagreb steak, and stews and various cooked dishes are taken from Hungarian cuisine. Also, there are more and more international restaurants, so the gastronomic offer will cater to everyone's taste.

Zagreb also offers the best nightlife in Croatia, and there are clubs and bars that offer a variety of music – in short, something for everyone. The night life of the capital is often the main reason for visiting especially for the younger population.

Advent in Zagreb

What to visit in Zagreb, Advent in Zagreb

Advent in Zagreb has been the best holiday festival in Europe for three years now. From its first year until today a large number of tourists have visited Advent from all over the world. It is the most popular destination for festival fans from Serbia, primarily because it is only an hour away from Belgrade.

This year's theme of Zagreb Advent is light, so the organizers have made an effort to prepare a real visual spectacle for visitors. On this occasion, the Upper Town will be an exhibition of innovative and creative New Year's decorations, and a walk through this part of Zagreb will give tourists the opportunity to get to know the history of the city in a slightly different way.

What to visit in Zagreb, Advent in Zagreb

Festive euphoria is created by music groups, who will give over 100 concerts in various locations, playing famous holiday melodies, classical compositions, film music and covers of famous rock and pop songs. For children, Advent in Zagreb has organized theatre performances, interesting competitions, fairs and gatherings with favourite cartoon characters, while their adult companions will enjoy the unique exhibitions that will be held in the city museums. The chocolate exhibition, visit to the largest Christmas village in Croatia and the exhibition of traditional toys certainly attract the most attention.

No Advent can be imagined without delicious snacks, so during the holidays on the streets of Zagreb you can try homemade cakes, salty snacks and mulled wine.